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Beauty Sleep

For All Sleeping Beauties.

Why does it matter
  1. Squeezing an otherwise restricted target audience to its maximum: photobombing requires a strong, smart motivation tactic and commercial proposition, and IKEA Family definitely has got it.
  2. Petty, tacit and funny insights make amazing viral projects.

Nap pic anyone?

One of the most delightful forms of entertainment during school trips and summer camps was getting a nice shot of anyone passing out, yawning freely or even drooling asleep.
Those were the pics everyone was waiting to see.

Now, someone really interested in our good sleep (e.g. IKEA) thought it was in its own right to take the whole thing to the New Millennium, and actually they weren’t that wrong.

It’s called “Snap a Napper” and everyone’s a target worth shooting, since the winner -to be announced today- gets a £1.500 allowance for all things bedroom.

Either one of the 5 most -voted pictures has a chance.
Originally, this project was a spinoff of the Sleep Like a Princess, starring Princess Xenia Gabriela Florence Sophie Iris von Sachsen.

Quite a jump from Sleeping Beauties to Passed -out Beasts…

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