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Or Maybe More Than That

Why does it matter
  1. The whole package is pushed towards perfectly consistent marketing communication.
    AR oils the mechanism pretty well.
  2. The concept is pretty rich, and so are the many executions.
    No matter how mainstream, a concept always deserves a bunch of good representations.



Augmented Reality is arguably the new law of the land.
Or it will be soon.

Forget games or treasure hunts, what AR can do is “simply” portraying the world of a single brand: its vision, aspiration, myths, legends and pastimes.

That’s what Tic Tac’s latest US campaign is telling New Yorkers.

The “Shake it up” catchphrase ignites a myriad executions of AR visualizations, from the giant animation in Times Square (“Tic Tac Times Square” app) to the many intermissions all over town delivered through the “Shake it up” app and making the candies brand almost omni -present.

Now, when you go and run the application for the first time, don’t forget: it’s not just teleprompter moles, meteor showers or dinosaurses.
It’s a brand’s world finally coming to life.

The sky is not the limit anymore: it’s just a background.

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