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Jedi in a Bottle

Save the Galaxy, You Want? The Right Can, We Have.

Why does it matter

1.Brilliantly sticking to the choice of clay animation: well done, Brisk.
2. Co -marketing and sponsors can actually add value to a creative idea, rather than suffocate it.
3. Who doesn’t like Lightsabers?


Fear not, this post is not written Yoda style.

However, Star Wars fans and not, beware: the next episode of the saga -The Phantom Menace 3D- will be an all-out war, involving Facebook, iPhones, TVs and many more platforms, as targeted by midichlorian -ful Lipton Brisk tea.

The final act against fiendish Darth Maul (or Yoda, should you feel like Dark Side) will inevitably be a lightsaber duel, carried out thanks to the “Brisksaber” app.

Your powers won’t easily match your opponent’s, unless you check the codes on the bottom of Brisk cans and tap the extra feats. 

Cherry on top? Tons of giveaways.

The Force is strong within this one…

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