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Music in the Digital Era

The bar of interactive advertising is being lifted in the entertainment industry. It’s worth taking a look at it. Come with us.

Abstract / Bio

Music today is a whole system of interactions, visual inputs and holistic experiences.

The Music Industry is at the forefront of digital convergence and ever -recurring change.
Achieving the “15 minutes of fame” seems to be easier than ever, and even established artists engage in conversation and collaboration with “digital gurus.”
Here comes an overview of the music revolution, and of the digital projects that left a mark.

The Revolution of Digital Music

Digital music is a revolution under every point of view.
It is not just a shift in the way we buy and store music, it is a transformation that is also affecting our way of listening and thinking of music as a whole.
Bands like Radiohead or Ok Go are among the early famous adopters of a new approach to music. Such new approach requires a change in the concept of contemporary music itself, going beyond tracks and albums to shape a whole system of interactions, visual inputs and holistic experiences.
Can this be called Advertising?
We firmly believe so, since it takes a whole lot of marketing savviness, consumer empathy and design to set up an experience that is worth the buck.
The bar of interactive advertising is being lifted in the entertainment industry. It’s worth taking a look at it.
Come with us.

Better Together: Joining Forces for Holistic Experiences

Technology offers the widest array of options when it comes to creating a holistic experience around a product.
Needless to say, music was born to be ubiquitous, and so was the Internet.
More and more often bands and tech players come together to create gems that will probably change music fruition forever. Let’s look at the roots of this technological revolution, that are – needless to say – entrenched across Tokyo and Mountain View.

RADIOHEAD – Create your rainbow

December 2008.

After letting fans remix their tracks, Radiohead gloriously entered the digital age with a project that is a milestone already: Create your Rainbow.
No location constraints, no seats, no rows, no standing-only admissions.
Every user is an all-seeing eye, deciding how to experience a live music performance. Who would have ever though that it only took 12 webcams to get everyone his perfect seat.

Website: Create your rainbow
Credits: Bascule inc., Tokyo

Arcade Fire: Music speaks to the Heart

August 2010.

Imagine experiencing the same emotion of when you see your hometown in a music video.
Now add the street you grew up in, a powerful song by Arcade Fire, and a message for the younger you who used to live in that street.
Geo-data used to shape creativity around the end user.

Website: The Wilderness Downtown
Credits: Chris Milk + Google Creative Labs

Broken Bells: the Journey in Every Note

August 2010.

Orchestrating a video in the darkness needs no baton.
It only takes a move on a touchpad, directing the journey through a scenery of night visions, hyperdrive trips and metaphysical-looking bystanders.
Music is best remembered when it’s the soundtrack of a journey.
Folks at SONY know it very well.

Website: October
Credits: Sony

OK GO: every Keyword is Sound

July 2011.

A band renowned for its viral videos + Google Chrome = a browsing journey through sounds, shapes, serendipitous information searching and a dance ensemble moving accordingly.

Website: All is not lost.
Credits: Google Japan

ANDROP – World. World. Lights.

August 2011.

Increasingly often, directors indulge in the pleasure of achieving the creative peaks of digital effects by the sole means of analog devices.
Everything you see in Androp’s “Bright Siren” video is analog: just a few wires, 200-something Canon EOS cameras and craftsmanship by the ton.
That’s why you can go behind the scenes as the band is playing, discovering the details you mostly care about.
Curiosity is the melody behind the music.

Credits: PARTY, Tokyo

Landing on a New World

Some Artists have chosen to go there, where nobody had been before.
In a few words, they changed devices and put tons of effort in such a task.

Cassius: spread the L Word

October 2010.

Launching a new album doesn’t necessarily mean spreading its music. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of love, and a funky app.
Folks at Ed Banger Records have always known how to hit it with style.
An app to say “I love you” was what they came up with for Cassius.
Curious and intriguing as a simple feeling can be.

Download the app: I <3 SO
Credits: Wanda

Bjork: Tearing Down the Walls of Albums

July 2011.

Bjork’s latest work went beyond interactive, touching the very boundaries of revolutionary.
Simply said, Bjork imagined what would be of an album if iPhone Apps were considered as a media support for music.
She went all -in about it and distributed her album, Biophilia, as a series of Apps, unleashing the whole interactive potential of each and every song.
A brand new way to experience music, where games, digital art and hard -core abstract creativity merged together in a seamless flow.

Read the complete review on Lift
Download the app: Biophilia
Credits: M/M Paris

Entertain Yourself

Fans are what makes the world go ‘round, so why not making it all about them?
Bands and artists are increasingly relying on their listeners’ passion and imagination to provide customized experiences.

Kaiser Chiefs: Name a Price and Sell my Album

July 2011.

The Kaiser Chiefs lifted the bar up one notch.
Not only did they let users assemble their own personal edition of the band’s latest album, but they even let them sell it online for 7.5 £.
A whole new business model.

Read the complete review on Lift
Visit the website: Create your own album
Credits: W+K

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