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Rancho Resaca

Where going wild at night bears no consequences at all.

Why does it matter

1. No judgement, just a neat job: that's what everyone would expect from "The Cleaner."
2. Despite having the Axe brand written all over the place, the video still manages to be viral thanks to an outstanding movie -like execution.
2. Branded content, interactive ad -game and a contest. Way to surround and siege the mind of consumers!


It’s OK to go out at night and have fun, but how would you cope with the consequences while you’re having the toughest hangover?
Axe is notorious for playing with themes like womanizing, copulating and seduction as a whole.
Yet this time, they took the whole thing up one notch: Limpia Los Rastros is a neat interactive video campaign.
What guys need most is someone to cleanup after their mess, so Axe provides the manpower for such an aspirational task.
“The Cleaner” is an experienced professional from the field of CYA operations, and he’s the one to call for the dirty work.
No evidence left, no empty bottles, no strangers in your bed and, most of all, no unusual smells on your body.

What more could a girlfriend want, other than a loyal boyfriend?

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