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Total Empowerment

Marketers are embracing the wind of change that blows in the lives of consumers, therefore even web marketing can act as a propeller for collective development. 

Abstract / Bio

Check out Total Empowerment in our Archive.

Advertising can make the world a better place, as long as it starts enabling people to reach their own goals, in lieu of persuading them to buy for the sake of it. Digital advertising, thanks to the pervasive technologies it employs, is thus at the forefront of a new and groundbreaking communication trend: it’s all about walking with consumers, rather than forcing them into a pre -set direction.

Everything sparks from a proposition: brands hold competitions asking their target audiences to share points on how to build a better world. Eventually, consumers engage in the competition and finally become part of an unforgettable collective experience, something that transcends and outperforms all campaign metrics by leaving a mark on the lives of participants.

Total empowerment means to foster brand awareness on both ends: consumers will become aware of the new life that Brands are devoting themselves to; and Brands acknowledge their potential to be much more than cash -cows with a logo.

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