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Real VS Virtual

The real world and its virtual counterpart have clashed and merged into a new, flesh -and -pixel kind of space, where special effects are not that special anymore.

Abstract / Bio

Check out Real vs Virtual in our Archive.

Forget above the line vs. online, below -the -line vs. customized: the future lies beyond the line, where marketing is simultaneously broadcasted and trigger -based, online and offline, here -and -now and universal.

What was once a solid wall between real and virtual has now become a fine line, and billboards, display windows and shelf spaces can’t survive the impact of the Internet and its roaring voice of ticking clicks.

Such a chain reaction of virtual actions and real implications is unstoppable, and so much has it touched the lives of consumers that even the paradigms of media planning have changed, going from “integrated” to “intertwined” media campaigns.

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