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Brand the Unexpected
/brænd ðə ˌʌn.ɪkˈspekt.ɪd/
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Pushing the boundaries of ordinary life. Ad men are sieging target audiences with branded weapons of mass attraction: events, venue -branding, goodies, etc. Branding can be anywhere and on anything, as long as the prime strategic directive is executed: Amaze anywhere, and anyone.

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Best before World's End. Breaking news and weather reports are all about tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, global warming, nuclear fall-outs and anything that can contribute to the feeling that the World is really ending next year. Buy now, before it’s too late...

Disposable Legends
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I am Legend, are you? The path to legendary reputations is one of disruptive actions. When every brand seems to have a story to tell, some brands manage to have legends to tell, legends that turn cases into tales, consumers into heroes, experience into History and products into Holy Grails.

Micro Trend
A Sword-and-Sandal outfit for life. There is an Epic to every day we live, and it can be magnified, unleashed and glorified for the sake of brand experience.
/iː.kəʊ ən kʌ/
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Technologic is the new Logic of Ecological. Integrated campaigns are increasingly turning interactions into tangible actions in order to save the Planet. Mother Nature, in its very own fashion of 2.0, is a veritable goldmine of inspiration for the green side of advertising.

Experience Fear
/ɪkˈspɪə.ri.ənt s fɪər/
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Unfiltered fear for unfiltered media. Horror is a no -brainer when it comes to breaking through the clutter: it’s shocking, it plays with the very own matter of Death, and it is so epidemically viral that you could be the last survivor on Earth.

Lab Research
/læb rɪˈsɜːtʃ/
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Testing live is a way of life. Enter the largest lab in History: the World… Real-life testing is finally real. More and more often new concepts and advertising techniques are fed to the market without having been lab -tested beforehand. This has been made possible by the new wave of Social Media, where every click comes with a juicy marketing insight for media planners and marketers.

Micro Trend
Testing with the target in style, side by side. Product testing 2.0 is unlike anything you've seen so far. If you really want to test the limits of your latest products, then focus on emotions, interactions and surprises.
Life Through a Lens
/laɪf θruː ə lenz/
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Say it with numbers. Everything can be monitored. All it takes is a good iPad app, or GPS, or the latest gizmo, i.e. any of those little wonders which turn our reality into a continuous stream of data. Statistics is adapting to the lives of people, becoming unpredictably empathetic.

Micro Trend
Digital Advertising is gone real time. Life is anywhere we are and anytime we want, and Digital Marketing follows us like a wise companion.
Local Pride
/ˈləʊ.kəl praɪd/
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Genuinely local digital products. Global interactive landscapes vs. locally grown practices. Geomarketing, geotargeting and geotagging are definitely on the rise.

Micro Trend
Location-savvy advertising is the real deal. Geography matters, and so does street -savviness. Consumers, no matter how much time they spend on the Internet, are inevitably part of their urban surroundings. Therefore advertising has to follow them street by street, ‘hood by ‘hood, house by house. The city is still the crossroads of interests, attitudes, styles and communities, and that’s where Digital Advertising comes into play.
Manly Men
/ˈmæ men/
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From masculine to ultramasculine. Men are back, and they’re here to stay, invited or not. The Alpha Male is once again in ads, with just a few words to say and a huge ego to satisfy. And women seem to be liking it...

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Witnessing the dawn of a new Marketing. Digital advertising is a one -of -a -kind medium and, like no other, it can go beyond mere promotion, reaching the point of no return where the product is completely transformed.

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Rule-makers are rule-breakers. Brands that are disregarding of consensus are setting the new boundaries of advertising. From disruptive visuals to gritting voices, the only rule is to break the rules.

Micro Trend
Owning the scene by causing a scene. Disrupting ordinary life and mocking common sense is an uplifting experiment for those devoted to overturning markets.
Real VS Virtual
/rɪəl ˈvɜː.səs ˈvɜː.tju.əl/
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Virtual actions, Real reactions. The real world and its virtual counterpart have clashed and merged into a new, flesh-and-pixel kind of space, where special effects are not that special anymore.

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Yesterday's new Tomorrow. Nothing catches the eye and touches the heart like nostalgia. That's why marketers around the Globe are craving for brands, names or contents from a long forgone past that can be technologically summoned from oblivion.

Serial Seller
/ˈsɪə.ri.əl ˈsel.ər/
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Smokestack creativity. Productivity and efficiency are now within reach for creative agencies stocking viral videos and calls to action.

/ʃɒp ən ʃeər/
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You'll never shop alone. No matter what, where or when you want to buy something, don't do it on your own. The more "social" your shopping, the better deals you'll get, and, ultimately, the more publicly you can brag about your latest purchases.

Starring: You
/ˈstɑːr.ɪŋ juː/
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The end target justifies the means. “Consumer” is no longer the right word to define the User, i.e. the real core of all media plans. The voice of the User shapes the campaign and resonates across every single element of it. Users can be spokespeople, campaign insights, means of interaction, simply anything. In them the sender, the recipient and the fabric of a message magically overlap.

Micro Trend
Engagement is the new Marketing. Brands are calling on their own consumers to express themselves in free and unconventional forms. It’s the dawn of the creative enjoyment of brands.
Micro Trend
More Rumors for all. Why are so many apps, communities and online interfaces making us disclose the undisclosable in front of friends and strangers? That’s easy: secrets are the key ingredient of gossip, and gossip is what really separates V.I.P.s from the rest of us. What if we could all be celebrities and paparazzi, any time we want? Advertising has just the answer...
Micro Trend
Hunting for online gurus. Consumers are growing less and less preoccupied with social judgment, community opinions and online ratings: all they want is to be there, where the Message is created. Rejecting passiveness can be a very artful way of life.
Total Empowerment
/ˈtəʊ.təl ɪmˈpaʊə.mənt/
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Empowering a Better World. Marketers are embracing the wind of change that blows in the lives of consumers, therefore even web marketing can act as a propeller for collective development. The “human being” in all its facets is the real focus, thus pushing marketers to go beyond classical words like Consumers, Targets, etc. Brands are acting as enablers of human activities, promoting their own commercial goals in a not -so -obvious way. But this is no utopian philanthropy. Indeed, empowered consumers are the best ambassadors a Brand can ever appoint.

Micro Trend
A brand new kind of Simple. When new disruptive technologies go stealth, they can finally make life easier.
Micro Trend
Breaking the ice, making connections. Networks really matter only when they shift from being virtual and intangible to being real and tangible. That’s why communities and community management are invading the physical realm.
Wallets and Applets
/ˈwɒl.ɪts ən ˈæp.ləts/
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Invest on Creativity: invest on New Media. When budgets are shrinking, families count their dimes and Companies only invest on what is really worth the buck. Therefore, developing striking advertising concepts can be so tough a challenge. That’s when New Media come into play, diversifying selling solutions and maximizing message relevance.

Micro Trend
Give, and thou shalt succeed. In digital marketing, planning a give -away is a no -brainer when it comes to maximizing the impact of a media plan.
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There's an ad for every you and every me. Me, myself, my ego and I are all agreeing: advertising has got to be tailored, ad -hoc, and customizable. Because we are all very special, and we want to be treated as such.

Micro Trend
Sex & the Community. Coming out of the closet has never been so cool. Whether you are a bashful heterosexual or a flaming homosexual, this is the time to benefit from innumerable gender -based offers.